Aarhus Festival

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Aarhus Festival

Once a year, Aarhus Festival makes the city vibrant with life, energy and creativity. For 10 days in August/September every street and alley, club, stage, gallery and museum swarm with art and entertainment. Renowned traditions flourish side by side the new and unexpected. 

Aarhus Festival has been an annual event since 1965, showcasing local, national and international artists. Through the years the Festival has been a great success and has grown into one of the largest cultural events in Scandinavia, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014. From the beginning Aarhus Festival has been so lucky as to have HM Queen Margrethe ll as a patron, in 1965 as a crown princess and from 1972 as queen. Being the patron she officially opens the annual Festival.

Urban art, gastronomy and music

Each year, the Festival has a new theme, serving as a frame for the more than 1000 different events and 100 venues. The events vary widely and cover all aspects of art and culture and gathers around 1/2 mill. guests each year. The Festival encompasses theatre, music, art and architechture in urban spaces, gastronomy, dance and everything in between to create a setting of curiosity, culture and creativty.

A special event takes place during Aarhus Festival: the annual Food Festival, beautifully located by the seaside. Like Aarhus Festival, the Food Festival is a highly esteemed international event, gathering about 30.000 visitors and 250 participants each year. If you choose to visit, you can enjoy some of the finest and most innovative of Scandinavian cooking.

See you at Aarhus Festival!

We look forward to welcoming you at Aarhus Festival! In 2018 the Festival will take place August 31st to September 9th.

Photo: Martin Dam Kristensen.

Take A Stand

Aarhus Festival is proud of being a part of the Take A Stand movement, that promotes awareness and tolerance for all cultures, genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, colours and origins.