The city of Aarhus

Aarhus is the second-largest city in Denmark, with a population of around 320,000. It is one of the oldest cities of Scandinavia, yet one of the youngest due to the average age of the inhabitants. Aarhus is one of the principle centers for education in Denmark, providing the city with a large number of students. Lonely Planet just named Aarhus #2 city in ’Best in Europe’ 2016 and several other acclaimed trendsetters in international media have named Aarhus as a must-see destination.

There’s always a lot happening - whether you’re a music buff, an art connoisseur, or a passionate foodie. You can feel the moving pulse of the city if you take a walk on the pedestrianized high street ‘Strøget’, or watch young artists at work at the centre for cultural production, ‘Godsbanen’. 

Take a stroll at the harbour and you will experience some of Aarhus’ brand new and internationally renowned architecture: a maritime urban area in typical Danish style, minimal and modern. In fact, Aarhus is famous for its innovative and creative architecture, and many an Aarhus-based architect has excelled on the international scene.

Capital of culture

In 2017 Aarhus will be European Capital of Culture alongside Pafos in Cyprus. The whole region of central Jutland will come alive with a wide range of cultural events spread throughout the year. International as well as local performers will enrich the region with shows, performances, displays and exhibitions in a never before seen magnitude.

Gastro city

The multiplicity of the city is one of the reasons why Aarhus is awarded two stars in the acclaimed and renowned Michelin Travel Guide. Restaurants in Aarhus once again can celebrate being in the famous Michelin Guide – Nordic Cites, in which all of three of the city’s restaurants received a star. In addition, two restaurants were honoured by being awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand, not to mention the long list of restaurants in Aarhus that were mentioned as being well worth a visit. In recent years Street Food has decended on the city with the likes of Aarhus Street Food in an old bus garage and Aarhus Central Food Market.

Sustainable energy

The city of Aarhus is a frontrunner in the use of Wind Energy. Aarhus Festival joins in the environment friendly production! In 2011 the Festival was WindMade certified, a label given to companies and organizations using wind power as sole energy source. Wind power provides 100% of the energy for all events, making Aarhus Festival the first WindMade cultural event globally.

Welcome to Aarhus Festival!

The Festival lives and breathes in all the great venues and interesting locations of Aarhus. Renowned traditions flourish side by side the new and unexpected. More than 300.000 people visit Aarhus Festival every year for a week that is nothing like the rest of the year.