The theme of Aarhus Festival 2017-2019 is ‘Bridging’

Executive director of Aarhus Festival Rikke Øxner elaborates on the background of the chosen theme:

- One of Aarhus Festival’s most important tasks is to establish new connections, and by building bridges we will be able to stage spaces and settings for the good meeting, burgeoning communities, new city life and novel experiences. Connectivity and correlation creates trust and overview for the Festival guest, the citizen and the city, which is something we will work on in both a small and large scale.

For the first time ever the festival’s theme is set for three years instead of just one, which opens up for lots of new possibilities: 

- The three year duration enables us to expand upon the theme, as well as there will be obvious advantages related to long term planning and event design with collaborators and the many operators participating in the Aarhus Festival.

Aarhus Festival has a standing tradition for inviting a different artist each year to illustrate the theme. Through the years both Danish and international artists such as Rob Jones (2012), Sean Mackaoui (2013), Keith Shore (2015), Evren Tekinoktay (2016), Annu Kilpeläinen (2017) and Martin Bigum (2018) and many others have made interpretations of the different themes.

In 2019 Danish artist Rose Eken has created the poster. Read more about the poster and artist here.