It’s unreliable, unpredictable and uneasy listening. But above everything else, it’s just Ujazz.

Ujazz celebrates music and musicians who diverge from the well-known path to search for new musical territories. Ujazz is a festival for experimenting across different genres where jazz is explored as a phenomenon and not a musical category.

Ujazz is a boundary-pushing journey into a musical universe where little is known, much is improvised, nothing is prohibited and everything is possible. It’s temporary music pulled apart and put back together in a Festival form.

Ujazz is for you if you like to be challenged. If you don’t want to know the chorus before you hear it – you might not even want a chorus. Ujazz is for you if you want an alternative, unique and bountiful musical experience you cannot find anywhere else.

Band schedule

14.00: Papir (udescenen) 
15.15: Selvhenter (udescenen) 
16.15: Atomic (Atlas) 
17.30: Nils Gröndahl (Atlas) 
18.00: The Dwarfs of East Agouza (udescenen) 
18.45: Colin Stetson (Atlas) 
19.45: Causa Sui (VoxHall) 
20.00: Abekejser (udescenen) 
20.30: Tau (Atlas) 
21:30: Deerhoof (VoxHall) 
22.45: The Necks (Atlas) 
00.00: Xiu Xiu (VoxHall)

With support from: Danish Songwriters Guild, Danish Arts Foundation and Fonden VoxHall

Arrangementet er en del af

Musical highlights

Musical highlights

Listen up and get ready for some of the Festival’s greatest music experiences.

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3 For you

3 For you

3 great, 3 odd, 3 free, 3 for the hungry and 3 for children.

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