It’s unreliable, unpredictable and uneasy listening. But above everything else, it’s just Ujazz.

Ujazz celebrates music and musicians who diverge from the well-known path to search for new musical territories. Ujazz is a festival for experimenting across different genres where jazz is explored as a phenomenon and not a musical category.

Ujazz is a boundary-pushing journey into a musical universe where little is known, much is improvised, nothing is prohibited and everything is possible. It’s temporary music pulled apart and put back together in a Festival form.

Ujazz is for you if you like to be challenged. If you don’t want to know the chorus before you hear it – you might not even want a chorus. Ujazz is for you if you want an alternative, unique and bountiful musical experience you cannot find anywhere else.

Band schedule

14.00: Papir (udescenen) 
15.15: Selvhenter (udescenen) 
16.15: Atomic (Atlas) 
17.30: Nils Gröndahl (Atlas) 
18.00: The Dwarfs of East Agouza (udescenen) 
18.45: Colin Stetson (Atlas) 
19.45: Causa Sui (VoxHall) 
20.00: Abekejser (udescenen) 
20.30: Tau (Atlas) 
21:30: Deerhoof (VoxHall) 
22.45: The Necks (Atlas) 
00.00: Xiu Xiu (VoxHall)

With support from: Danish Songwriters Guild, Danish Arts Foundation and Fonden VoxHall

Arrangementet er en del af

Music unlike anything you know

Music unlike anything you know

The Festival presents a long line of music unlike anything you know

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3 For you

3 great, 3 odd, 3 free, 3 for the hungry and 3 for children.

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