With the support of DKK 500,000 from the Nordea Foundation, Aarhus Festival invites everyone to sing together in a large project that celebrates choir- and singalong songs. Among other things, with more than 30 concerts in collaboration with the city's impressive selection of choirs.

Aarhus is considered by many as Northern Europe's capital of choirs, and choir enthutiasts from all over the world travels to the city to experience the many fantastic choirs. But choirs are for everyone and for all levels, and that is what Aarhus Festival is celebrating with the project 'Voices Build Bridge'.

The project consists of a series of song events and concerts with the intent to create bridges between music and people across interests, languages, age and background. During Aarhus Festival there are morning singalong at the Town Hall, singalong in the Town Park and at Salling Rooftop, singalong with choirs consisting of inmates and nurses, as well as a series of workshops with skilled instructors, where everyone can participate in the community singing.

'Voices Build Bridge' extends to the whole region and wants to motivate singing and fellowships, and the project runs over a two-year period, which in 2019 expands to include the entire Nordic region.

"Singing together spreads joy and strengthens the community. Therefore, we hope that the project will inspire more to sing together and show that choirs and singalongs can take place in many ways, says Henrik Lehmann Andersen, Director of the Nordea Foundation, who supports good lives.

The project culminates on the last Saturday of Aarhus Festival with two magnificent concerts in Musikhuset Aarhus, where some of the city's most talented choirs sing for and with the audience. The content ranges from songs by Alberte to Sami Yoik, and the concerts mix improvisation, electronic effects, classical choir singing and new and old. The concerts mark the end of the 2018 edition of 'Vocies Build Bridge', and are free of charge for the public because of the funding recieves (though it is required to book tickets).

- Gathering around music is one of the most beautiful things that exists, and with 'Voices Build Bridge' we will give all the citizens of the city the opportunity for that; meet with others, enjoy and create music and sing together. We tap into the city's, too many, unknown position as a capital for choirs and share it with all guests of the Aarhus Festival. Even those who, like me, are not usually eager to sing, says Rikke Øxner, Director of Aarhus Festuge.

Listen to the song 'Silent miracles when people meet', composed for 'Voices Build Bridge', which will be performed at almost all events. (Text: Iben Krogsdal, Music: Niels Nørgaard)

The full program will be published August 6th and can then be viewed at

Date / Time: 1st Sept.-9th Sept. Concert at the Aarhus Music Hall: 8th Sept. 17:00 and 20:00
Price: Free, however, with ticket order incl. fee for closing concert. Via 
Arranged by: Aarhus Festuge i samarbejde med Syng, Kor72, Højskolerne, Den Jyske Opera, Sangkraft Aarhus, Aarhus Vocal Festival, Aarhus Kommune, Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, Sangens Hus og Aarhus Musikskole.
Thanks to: Musikhuset Aarhus og Aros
With support from: Nordea-fonden