Aarhus Festival and Kunsthal Aarhus invite the public to fire away at the art of a new project combining 10 works of art and a whole lot of paintball bullets.

'Action Paint MMXVIII' is the name of a groundbreaking new art project that involves the public in the creation.

Through Eventhall's webpage people who are interested can purchase access to play at two paintball courts at Eventhall Aarhus. 10 different works of art created specifically for this project are placed on the courts, and over the course of the paintball matches, the works of art will be ’completed’ by the randomly flying paintball bullets before being exhibited different places in the city during Aarhus Festival.


- This is an experiment! A wild experiment that mixes paintball and art. It is about the artistic creation process and about the audience's participation in the process. I hope that the public will take good care of the project, use the colors and their energy and trough that contribute to the creation of the works – while having fun. We are looking forward to seeing the result of the project, says artistic director at Kunsthal Aarhus, Jacob Fabricius.

The art project is inspired by the artistic movement of abstract expressionism, where artists in the 1940s and 1960s worked spontaneously and intuitively, for example, with action painting.

- With this project, we invite the audience even closer to the art in Aarhus Festival. They are not only active viewers but co-creators, which reinforces the bridging between the Festival, the audience, art and entertainment. We are always open to explore new ways in art, and we look forward to this direct collaboration with Kunsthal Aarhus and our guests, says Director of Aarhus Festuge, Rikke Øxner.

During the Aarhus Festival, besides the finished works, you can also watch videos from the actionpacked process at Kunsthal Aarhus.

You can order your artistic paintball experience here.

Arranged by: Aarhus Festival in collaboration with Kunsthal Aarhus
With support from: The Vilhelm Kiers Foundation and the Salling Foundations.