Aarhus Festival has teamed up the city's preaching room for the last two years to offer unique cultural experiences called ’Rum der Forkynder’ (Rooms that preaches). This year, the partnership will continue with both dreamy music and talented poets.

Three of the beautiful churches of the city will be filled by different kinds of music and some other words than those usually found in the church rooms during this years Aarhus Festival. ’Rum der Forkynder’ opens the spaces and builds bridges between church and culture by giving the audience of the festival the opportunity to experience music and conversation in different and spectacular frameworks.

Previously, Aarhus Festival has presented everything from the talented pop boys Liss (2016) to the experimental pianist Hasuchka (2017) and a beautiful concert with Den Sorte Skole in the Cathedral Church (2016). Not to mention the black metal band Solbrud (2016). This year, the Rum der Forkynder-program offers three widely different events, which you can read more about below: 

Efterklang + B.O.X
Danish band Efterklang have joined forces with the Belgian baroque orchestra B.O.X and composed a spectacular concert that fits perfectly with the beautiful surroundings in Sankt Lukas Church. While Efterklang made a name of themselves nationally and internationally for their delicate indie sound, the members of B.O.X play instruments from the baroque era. Mixing new and old styles and sounds the concert with Efterklang and B.O.X is not to be missed.

The concert is titled ’Always Together’ and premiered 7 January at the art center deSingel in Antwerpen. This is the first time Efterklang sings in Danish, strengthening the connection between their music and the classical hymn tradition usually heard in churches. 
Efterklang and B.O.X have orchestrated the music for baroque instruments, and later on in 2018 they will commence the proces of recording an album with the music from the concert. 

Date / time: September 5th at 9.00-10.00 pm (the doors open at 8.00 pm)
Place: St. Luke's Church
Price: 180 DKK (130 DKK with study tax) excl. fee trough aaf.billetten.dk. There will be a limited number of tickets with 20 percent discount. Discount via Club GAFFA
Thank you to: Saint Lukas Church

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German electronic musician Wolfgang Voigt refers to his experiences on LSD in the German forest Königsforst as the dominant inspiration for the music he has created under the name of Gas. And there certainly is something dreamy, almost psychedelic, over the minimalist and ambient techno / electro sound that Wolfgang Voigt has become most famous for.

In his back catalogue, the German has released music under more than 30 different aliases, but it was especially with Gas that Wolfgang Voigt really broke through and achieved an almost cult-following. And there is no doubt that the German’s music will sound wonderful in the acoustic-appealing Langenæs Church, where his harmonious and natural sound really has room to unfold.

Date / time: September 6th.9.30-10.30 pm (the doors open at 8.30 pm)
Location: Langenæs Church
Price: 150 kr. (110 kr. With study tax) excl. fee via aaf.billetten.dk. There will be a limited number of tickets with a 20 percent discount. Discount via Club GAFFA
Thanks to: Langenæs Church 

Søren Ulrik Thomsen and Benjamin Hav
The author Søren Ulrik Thomsen and the rapper Benjamin Hav from the duo Benal both know how to work with words. Under the headline 'The Difficult Words', they exchange thoughts in a conversation about how they work with words and texts and how they use them to deal with difficult topics.

Since Søren Ulrik Thomsen debuted with 'City Slang' in 1981, the modernist writer and poet has entertained and challenged Danish poetry and literature readers with his work. Throughout the years, Søren Ulrik Thomsen has received several awards for his work as an author, among other things, the Limfjordegnens Literature Prize and The Mother Tongue Prize.

Benjamin Hav is the vocal part of the rap group Benal. Since 2013, Bejamin Hav has received praise from both reviewers, fans and other musicians in the genre for his well-made, original and thoughtful lyrics.

The conversation is moderated by literature historian and parish priest Anders Thyrring Andersen.

Date / time: September 3rd from 5.00 pm to 6.30 pm
Place: The Monastery Yard of Vor Frue Church
Price: 80 kr. Excl. fee trough aaf.billetten.dk
Arranged by Aarhus Festival
Thanks to: Vor Frue Church