Cluster Square Returns to Aarhus Festival

The diverse Cluster Square returns to Aarhus Festival. This year, with an even edgier setup of food-experiences, more live music and representations of even more ’clusters’ of Aarhus. The goal is to create the feeling of a community that all citizens feel like participating in.

In 2016, Culture Works and Aarhus Festival launched the project Cluster Square at Klostertorvet. The idea behind the immediate and trivial name-pun was to make a festival where the creative and cultural crowds of the city – clusters – could have a central stage to shine on and a great audience to speak to. In the 2016-program, you could found anything from ping-pong tournaments and gin-tastings to talks and poetry slam, of course accompanied by a diverse musical line-up and delicious treats.

Cluster Square returns in 2017. The concept is the same, but with last year’s experiences and more time to prepare, Cluster Square promises eight days with even sharper parties and with a number of clusters that exceeds lasts year’s and both multifarious and hyped musical acts. 

”The best from Cluster Square is that all citizens feel represented. We succeeded in doing that in 2016 where we had approximately 20.000 people at the square during the week. This time, we have had almost a year to plan. We have talked to many people and given everyone who is part of a community the chance to speak. And we are going to represent everything from fashion with the largest fashion brands of the city to BIG CITY day where we shine a light on multiculturalism and the actors who develop and challenge our city” Mads Severinsen, Head of Communications, says.

In addition to the program, 2017 will focus on food in the setup at Cluster Square. There is still room for one or two actors in the final food-squad, but Frederiksgade 42 will be a partner again this year.