The sound of David Bowie's swan song can be heard this year during Aarhus Festival when Donny McCaslin with saxophone in hand and his band at his side will occupy the scene at Ujazz. Bowie was so fond of McCaslin's music that he asked him to help record the 'Blackstar' record, which ended up being Bowie's last.

When Donny McCaslin, along with his ensemble of highly competent jazz musicians, goes on stage, it's suddenly difficult to sit still. The group constantly tries to explore new musical territories with its groovy fusion sound that contains elements of jazz, rock and electronic music.

It was, among other things, Donny McCaslin's unique sound and his exploratory approach to music that caught the interest of David Bowie, when he decided to record his 25th studio album with the band. This collaboration resulted in the border-seeking release 'Blackstar', which ended up being Bowie's last.

Aarhus Festival is extremely proud to present Donny McCaslin Group as part of this year's program to the festival’s highly experimental music festival Ujazz. In addition to McCaslin, the band consists of Zach Danziger, Jeff Taylor, Jonathan Maron and Nick Semrad.

In addition, you can experience the following artists at Ujazz: The Bug vs. Earth, Lubomyr Melnyk, Bombino and Tarawangsawela's feat. Rabih Beaini

McCaslin, who has been nominated for three Grammies, is, as the name suggests, the frontman of the band with his amazingly superior saxophone and, along with the rest of the band, he constantly takes their always improvisational jazz sound in exiting directions.

Donny McCaslin released his latest album 'Beyond Now' in 2016, which was inspired by the collaboration with, and a tribute to, David Bowie. Donny McCaslin is currently working on an album together with Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters, Sun Kill Moon) and Jim White.


Facts about Ujazz 2018:

Time: Saturday September 1st at 2:00 pm - 01:00 am

Place: VoxHall, Atlas and an outdoor scene in front of Atlas, where the concerts are free

Price: DKK 295 (DKK 250 if you are a student) for the combined ticket for both Atlas and VoxHall. 225 kr. (200 kr. if you are a student) for the concerts at VoxHall alone. Trough aaf.billetten.dk

Arranged by Aarhus Festival

Supported by DPA, The Danish Arts Foundation The VoxHall Foundation