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Together, the musicians Minh Le Shingara and Stine Hjelm Jacobsen present new music at Aarhus Festival as a part of the annual DPA-baton.

Minh Le Shingara is this year's recipient of the DPA-baton that is annually given to a musician along with the task of creating new music or a new musical collaboration to present during the Festival. He has for years been a central part of the Danish, electronic music scene. In 2010, he won the talent-award, Karrierekanonen, with IGNUG, and he is today a part of the techno-/bit rock trio, ThrKngs.

As his contribution to the DPA-baton, he has entered into a collaboration with singer Stine Hjelm Jacobsen who among others is known from Nu and Electric Lady Lab. Together, they have created a combination of futurism, trance and electronica that can be experienced for the very first time at the Festival. They describe the collaboration in this mysterious way: 

- Minh Le Shingara met Stine Hjelm in an unknown place between light and darkness. Together, they move into the gloomiest corners of the music. Here, in the middle of the darkness, they saw the light. The light led them into the future, where they found trance and monks from Mount Hiei who began to dance.

DPA, Danish Auteurs of Popular Music, has let the composer-baton go from musician to musician since 2011. Through the years, Penny Police and Sys Bjerre among others have received it and created new music to the Festival.

Date/time: 30. Aug. 8 p.m. (the doors open at 7.30 p.m.)
Place: Radar
Price: 60 DKK via aarhusfestuge.billetten.dk
Arranged by: Aarhus Festuge and DPA
Thanks to: Radar