Xiu Xiu

Festival for experimenting music announces first acts

Ujazz is Aarhus Festival’s one-day gathering of everything experimenting and musically innovating. The usual rules don’t apply as we redefine a concert, a festival, jazz itself.

With focus on jazz as a concept more than a genre the festival will include performances from acts willing to diverge from the well-known path and seek out new musical territories and explore their possibilities with the audience.

You couldn’t find a more appropriate group to interpret the soundtrack from Twin Peaks than Xiu Xiu. Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch’s original score from the cult series, which after a 26 year slumber returns this year with a new season, is stretched, disintegrated, celebrated and reformed somewhere between reality and dream – in true Twin Peaks fashion.

With industrious Jamie Stewart (vocal, guitar, noise) as leading man alongside Angela Seo (keys, synth, noise) and Shayna Dunkelman (drums) Xiu Xiu seamlessly moves from avant-garde pop over complex orchestrated rock and to brutal noise. The harmonic texture from the original soundtrack is preserved, but the new arrangements overflow with romance, fear and suppressed sexuality.

Xiu Xiu means cute. Xiu Xiu is children’s slang for pee pee. Xiu Xiu is the name of a poisonous flower and the title of a movie about a young woman’s death during the Cultural Revolution. Xiu Xiu is Twin Peaks like you have never heard it before!

A minimum of gear with a maximum of volume. That’s one way to describe San Francisco-based band Deerhoof. Somewhere between noise pop, rock and punk they insist on following their own musical direction, pay no mind to the rules and explore every aspect of their music. As they say: “Sometimes hair metal is the right choice”.

Deerhoof experiments with punk, glam, doo-wop, R&B and everything in between, combines the pieces and separate them again in their own playful universe. The road to new musical revelations has taken them to Japanese cartoon figures and abandoned warehouses in the American desert where they rediscovered the “magic” in music.

Deerhoof's inner compass rarely points in the same direction for long and they are never afraid to let go and set a new, experimenting and extremely loud course.

“Our music is part academic lecture part a good night on the town”. Classic, American jazz traditions collide with European free jazz in the arrangements by Håvard Wiik (keys) and Frederik Ljungkvist (sax/clarinet).

Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and George Russell are set free and exposed to improvisation and momentary waves of emotion. Atomic is a subtle rebellion against the comforts of the “Scandinavian sound”, and the relationship between the carefully planned and the sudden is explored. Magnus Bro (trumpet), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (bass) and the Norwegian super talent Hans Hulbækmo (drums) complete the line-up of a globalised quintet with Nordic roots, American history and European mindset.

Tau is on a mission. “Vibrations, notes, semi tones, chants, lyrics, whatever it is, music has the power to heal and transcend all the clutter and if you can create that magic for yourself you can give it back to other people.”

With Native American tribal music, Iranian poetry and Gaelic songs of praise Tau sets out to complete the mission with authentic world music wrapped in psychedelic undertones. “Spiritual music with pre-Hispanic drums, bells, shakers, synths and acoustic guitar played “through an amp with a very shitty pick up that gives a weird sound”.

More acts to be announced.

Date/time: 2 September, 2.00 p.m.-0.00 a.m.
Venue: VoxHall/Atlas
Price: DKK 200 for early bird partout tickets (50 tickets on sale) for concerts at both VoxHall and Atlas. After this tickets are 295 (250 with student discount). For concerts at VoxHall only tickets are 225 (200 with student discount). Fees not included. At aarhusfestuge.billetten.dk
Arranged by: Aarhus Festuge
With support from: Danish Art Foundation and Fonden VoxHall