Flower Power 2017

Virtual flowers light up at Bispetorvet

Aarhus Festival invites audience to explore and build bridges between digital and organic with large light installation centrally placed at Bispetorvet.

After the sun goes down a virtual flower garden sprouts up on Bispetorvet and decorates the central square in an array of colours. Three luminous flower beds with projections of Danish flora grows, sprouts, withers and make way for new life in a natural cycle. But human intervention in inevitable and as the audience move around on the installation the flowers must give way. The interaction diminishes the gap between nature and man-made.

‘Flower Power 2017’ is created specifically for the city and Aarhus Festival by Mexican-born Miguel Chevalier, who since 1978 has established himself as one of the top pioneers in virtual art. His works have been displayed all over the world and he often draws on local characteristics. In Aarhus he was inspired by the regional flora and floral decorations on the surrounding buildings. 

Man’s relationship with and influence on nature is highlighted in this magic and poetic work which is bound to be one of the must-sees at this year’s Festival.

Date/time: 25-26 August 8.30 p.m.-3.00 a.m., 27-30 August 8.30 p.m.-1.00 a.m., 31 August-2 September 8.30 p.m.-3.00 a.m.
Where: Bispetorvet
Entrance: Free
Arranged by: Aarhus Festival in collaboration with European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017
With support from: Vilhelm Kiers Fond, Salling Fondene and Børn og Unge, Aarhus Kommune
Thanks to: NIRAS