Harbour Magnets

'Harbour Magnets' celebrates the city and architecture

By including quintessential harbour elements from Aarhus Harbour the Festival and European Capital of Culture look into the area’s future and open it up to citizens and visitors.

The harbour area is undergoing massive changes at the moment and Aarhus Festival is including the exciting new area in the architectural piece ‘Harbour Magnets’. By constructing humble yet poetic magnets the transformation of the harbour is highlighted and the Festival audience are invited to experience the changes first hand.

Sit down at a lighthouse or visit a floating dock and feel how everything is changing. The magnets inspire to profound thoughtfulness and are created by French LIST Architecture-Urbanism in collaboration with Hideyuki Nakayama and Matilde Cassani. With the many changes in the area it is important to remember the history and tradition of the harbour, and ‘Harbour Magnets’ seek to bridge sea and sky, city and citizens, past and future.

‘Harbour Magnets’ is the first stage of what is hopefully the architecture biennale 1:1 Bridge, where we will focus on the city’s current challenges and potentials.