This year Aarhus Festival presents original and brave theater and dance performances for children and adults, and it is in the public's taste. Ticket sales are already taking place now.

The tickets for some of the performances that make up the stage art program for this year's Aarhus Festival are in high demand. The Royal Danish Theater comes with a modern edition of the Ingmar Bergman classic 'Scenes from a Marriage' and the children's opera 'Nightingale', but there is also room for more experimental companies that celebrate the festival and, among other things, bring a prayer from the future and a hostage drama set from the children's perspective.

Here you can read more about three selected acts:

The country without dreams
The creative performing arts association Fix & Foxy, led by Reumert-winning director Tue Biering, will be coming to Aarhus for the first time. With them they bring the performance 'The Land Without Dreams', which premiered at the Royal Danish Theater in April. 'The Land Without Dreams' is a talk-theater that brings a contemporary analysis of the world in 2018 with equal humor, seriousness and a splash of madness - and not least, the audience journeys on a time trip to an alternative future full of hope. 'The Land Without Dreams' is the performance that will end all evil nightmares. And it will put thoughts in your head about how we talk to each other about the future.

Date / time: 3rd Sept. 8 pm-9.30 pm and 4. Sept. 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm Place: Theater Katapult Price: 60-180 DKK via
Arranged by: Fix & Foxy and Aarhus Festival in collaboration with Theater Katapult and Eventministeriet at the Royal Danish Theater.

In September 2004, a group of terrorists stormed a school in Beslan and took 1,200 people hostages, most of them children, their parents and their grandparents. The subsequent hostage drama lasted three days and ended in a chaotic rescue attempt by Russian security forces, resulting in more than 330 lost lives.'Us/Them' is not a strict recount of the terrible tragedy, but an attempt to explore the individual way children handle traumatic situations. Instructor and author Carly Wijs has taken part of the inspiration for the piece from the HBO documentary 'Children of Beslan', a recount of the disaster reported by some surviving children. When she saw the documentary, she was overwhelmed by the children's ability to handle the situation and their willingness to live. As one of the children in the documentary said, "Children understand everything".

Date / time: 6-7. Sept. 8.00 pm-9.00 pm and 8th Sept. 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm
Place: Theater Katapult Price: 60-180 DKK via
Arranged by: Theater Katapult and Aarhus Festival in collaboration with Bronks and Richard Jordan Productions. With the Royal Plymout Theater, Big in Belgium and Summerhall.

In 'Split', the dancers Melanie Lane and Lilian Steiner - one nude and one clothed - are negotiating about ever smaller dimensions of space and time. As our world is shrinking, the clock ticks faster and bodies are pushing closer. Aarhus Festival is proud to present this beautiful performance in collaboration with Bora Bora. The Australian choreograf Lucy Guerin's crisp and elegant choreography unfolds a fascinating and delicate dance drama on stage. With a musical composition by British composer Scanner, light design by Paul Lim and costumes of Harriet Oxley, 'Split' is a thoughtful structural meditation rendered in motion, provided by one of Australia's most original dance companies.

Date / Time: 4th to 6th. Sept. 7.30 pm to 8.20 pm
Location: Bora Bora Price: 150 kr. (90 kr. For students / adolescents under 25 years / seniors) via
Arranged by: Bora Bora in collaboration with Aarhus Festival

In addition, Aarhus Festival presents the 2nd World War drama 'Escape' in Aarhus Town Hall.  in collaboration with Aarhus Theater. However, the two performances are already sold out.