The first names are finally in place for this year's edition of Aarhus Festival’s highly experimental musical one-day festival Ujazz!

It’s going to be uncommon, unpredictable and undefined. It’s also going to be (mostly) unheard of and uneasy listening. But most of all, it is going to be undoubtedly un-jazzed. Ujazz celebrates music and musicians who dare to go new ways. Those who leave the paved trail and risk everything in search of musically unknown territories.

You can buy your tickets here - and remember that there will be a limited number of early bird tickets this year, so that the fastest can secure their tickets at an extra favorable price.

The Bug vs Earth

Two mastodonts in their respective musical genres team up in a joint project that deliberately blows boundaries and genres. Where Kevin Martin with the alias The Bug has worked within the dub, industrial, dancehall and hip hop genres for many years, Dylan Carlson from the band Earth has been working with drone metal, psychedelic rock and long instrumental song structures. Together, they have created a sound image with heavy, wide sounds and slow, bastard rhythm-patterns, spiced up with Dylan Carlson's characteristic guitar riffs, which takes the listener into an ambient and cinematic sound-universe. A trip where you are not in a hurry to book your return ticket. The project has so far resultet in the 2017 album 'Concrete Desert', published by Ninja Tune.

Lubomyr Melnyk

Lubomyr Melnyk is a pioneer in piano music. Melnyk, who is of Ukrainian descent, is a classically educated pianist, and he is strongly inspired by the minimalist movement of the 70's. He exerts his very own musical expression following a principle of one long continuous and continuous stream of sound. Melnyk has been a productive musician with over 130 releases in his back-catalouge. His theoretical and academic approach to music is also clearly illustrated in an thesis with over 300 pages, Melnyk has written about his piano technique. When he combines his almost inhumanly fast technique with his complex and compelling musical compositions, he creates enchanting harmonies and appealing resonances which leave the listeners with goose-skin in pure excitement.


Goumour Almoctar, or Omara "Bombino" Moctar as he is best known, did not have the best conditions to become a rock musician when he was born in Niger in 1980. He is a part of the Tuareg people, a nomad tribe which populates the Sahara area. The Tuareg is best known as warriors, merchants and nomads, and not immediately as musicians. But when Bombino and his family had to flee to Algeria because of a severe drought, the family found two guitars on their way. Bombino taught himself to play the guitar, and much against his father's will, his passion for music brought him aroundthe world. In 2011, he released his first international album 'Algadez', produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, and in 2016 he released the album 'Azel', produced by David Longstreth from Dirty Projectors. Bombino sings on the Tuareg-language Tamasheq, which perfectly fits his rocky desert blues music with songs that deal with and protest against the many armed conflicts that have ravaged Niger and the rest of Africa in Bombino's lifetime. Bombino released his 7th studio album, 'Deran', which loosely translates to 'best regards' on May 18 this year.

Tarawangsawelas feat. Rabih Beaini

The Indonesian duo Tarawengsawelas released their debut album 'Wanci' last year, where they thrilled with their oriental, trance-inviting sound, based on the Indonesian music genre 'Tarawangsa'. Tarawangsa is a minimalist musical-form in which there are only two instruments: The 'Tarawangsa', which is a form of two-string violin and The 'Jentreng', a seven-stringed cite. With these instruments, the band creates melodies based on a crescent pattern, starting slowly and ending in a dronning and buzzing final. At Ujazz, they are joined on stage by Rabih Beaini, the man behind the acclaimed Morphine Records. He is also the man who discovered Taranwangsawelas and released their debut album last year. Lebanese-born techno-musician Beaini started his musical career as a DJ, when he was 14. Later he moved to Italy where he quickly became a hit on the electronic scene in Europe. Beainis music is inspired by everything from Lebanese folk music, krautrock, Chicago house, and some of the pioneers of jazz like Sun Ra and Miles Davis.

Facts about Ujazz 2018:

Time: Saturday September 1st at 2:00 pm - 01:00 am

Place: VoxHall, Atlas and an outdoor scene in front of Atlas, where the concerts are free

Price: DKK 295 (DKK 250 if you are a student) for the combined ticket for both Atlas and VoxHall. 225 kr. (200 kr. if you are a student) for the concerts at VoxHall alone. All prices are not including extra fees. Trough aaf.billetten.dk

Arranged by Aarhus Festival

Supported by DPA, The Danish Arts Foundation The VoxHall Foundation