The Necks

New acts at ujazz

Saturday 2 September VoxHall and Atlas are transformed to a musical epicenter for the alternative and experimenting when the one day festival Ujazz takes place. The concerts consist primarily of improvisations which makes for a perfect event for everyone looking for a musical experience out of the ordinary.

Read more about the four new additions to the programme below:

It is the sound of eternity played through a saxophone. The sound of an infinite stream of notes and moods filling the room, escaping through the roof and expanding way out into the atmosphere. In short, it is the immaculate playing of Colin Stetson.
With technical perfection he employs circular breathing to let the arpeggios flow from his alto and bass saxophone in what can best be described as an abbreviated eternity and combines them with the minimalist, drone-based backtrack. 
During his stint with perpetuity he incorporates elements of metal, post-rock and electronica as he pushes the boundaries and redefines saxophone, saxophone players and eternity.

You can’t describe The Neck’s music. Because it doesn’t exist… yet. Not until the trio takes the stage does the music start to take shape and inspire improvisations and impulses based of the room’s acoustic properties. It all happens within a split second but preceding it is 30 years of experience, playing together and communicating purely through music.
Chris Abraham’s rippling piano motifs, Lloyd Swanton’s murky bass and Tony Buck’s stirring drums melt together and mirror the room, in which they are born. You have to experience The Necks live on stage, because the music doesn’t really exist anywhere else.

In an apartment building in Eastern Cairo during a late night jam session The Dwarfs of East Agouza was born. Consisting of desert drums, West African guitar and dense, krautrock-inspired bass the trio, named after an Egyptian dwarf deity and their Cairo neighbourhood, invites the listener to a psychedelic road trip through the landscapes of North Africa, a short stop at European influences and ending back in the hectic centre of Cairo. The band heroes timing and pauses in the music where every riff and melody are given time enough to fully evolve.

One man, one violin, one loop pedal and a wall of sound. Together they make up the building bricks of Nils Gröndahl’s solo performance. The man kneeling on stage in a musical and spiritual cleansing motion. The schizophrenic violin expressing different sounds through the many effects. The loop pedal in a constant state of repetition. The many amps creating a potent back drop.
Nils Gröndahl has played with Under Byen, Broken Twin, Jacob Bellens and others and he constantly seeks out the change in music. What was industrial and brutal one moment is moody and profound the next. The violin’s distorted feeds travels back in time to the 60’s to a time of spirituality and musical exploration.

Date/time: 2 September, 2.00 p.m.-0.00 a.m.
Venue: VoxHall/Atlas
Price: DKK 200 for early bird partout tickets (50 tickets on sale) for concerts at both VoxHall and Atlas. After this tickets are 295 (250 with student discount). For concerts at VoxHall only tickets are 225 (200 with student discount). Fees not included. At
Arranged by: Aarhus Festuge
With support from: Danish Art Foundation and Fonden VoxHall