As is tradition, Aarhus Festival has again produced the International Night Cabaret for the Aarhus Festival 2018. This year it is entitled 'A Bag of Laughs'. It will be an exceptional show with international comedians, magicians and artists from the top drawer.

This year, comedy and circus artistry is at the center of the Night Cabaret, and therefore the show is called 'A Bag of Laughs'. The audience can look forward to eight nights during the Aarhus Festuval with talented artists who perform parts of their acts out among the audience, and artists who are brought in directly from the world-renowned Cirque Du Soleil. In addition, comedians from the top shelf will ensure that spectators get a lot to laugh at.

The Hermans Culture and Theater House in Tivoli Friheden forms the framework of the Night Cabaret, which features a very special atmosphere and a three-course menu from the Restaurant Terrassen.

In the show you can look forward to meet:

Naked Lunch

Irish Colm O'Grady and Kevin Brooking from the United States are a crazy comedy couple who perform without anything on their bodies except a few frying pans.

Step Out

Patrick Schuhmann, Slava Hahunou and Elias Larsson are from Germany, Belarus and Sweden, and they have previously performed with Cirque du Soleil. Their fascinating springboard act is a trinity in timing, precision and body control.

Men in Coats

The English comedians Michael Dow and Mark Felgat appear on stage with their original, crooked and crazy ideas, so the audience is sure to be roaring with laughter.

Camille & Louis-Marc

Camille and Louis-Marc are new-cirkus artists from Canada and former Cirque du Soleil participants who have won several international awards.

Galina and Sonny Hayes

The charming Russian comedian Galina assists British magician Sonny in the worst possible way, so everything, that can go wrong, goes wrong.

Johan Wellton

Johan Wellton is a modern juggler from Sweden, who is both original and comical and, among other things, juggles blindfolded. He is certain to leave the audience astonished.

Royer and Emelie

The Swedish-American artist pair Royer and Emelie travel around the world with a nerve-racking roller skating act, which takes place at a rapid pace among the audience.


Date / time: September 1st-8th at 18.30, The Night Cabaret performsfrom 21:00 to 23:00

Place: Hermans, Tivoli Friheden

Price: 305-735 kr. Via

Arranged by: Aarhus Festival

Thanks to: Tivoli Friheden and Montra Hotel Sabro Kro


In addition to the International Night Cabaret, the popular singing girls from Bakkens Hvile will also perform in Hermans during the Aarhus Festival. It will take place on Friday, September 7th, and the tickets have also been put up for sale today at