Victor Kee

Aarhus Festival’s International Night Cabaret: 20 Years Anniversary

One of the Festival’s annual returning highlights turns 20 years, which will be celebrated with a grand anniversary show. The show is produced by the Festival itself and will offer an impressive list of world-class performances.

The culture- and theatre house, Hermans in Tivoli Friheden, will provide the settings for the Night Cabaret with a costume-designed scenography that guarantees the right nightclub and variety show atmosphere.

Regarding the 20th anniversary of the Night Cabaret, there has been spared no efforts when some of the world’s best artists, comedians and magicians will be presented. It is going to be a show that will seduce, impress and surprise, and where you among other things will experience:

Domitil Aillot
After 12 years in the United States, the Festival can finally present a Danish premiere of the gravity-defying Chinese Pole-performance,where unparalleled acrobatics and neck-breaking acts will leave the audience gawking.

Cabaret Décadence
Human-sized puppets with character, soul and humour are alive on stage, and it is hard to figure out who is who when the puppeteers are on stage with the puppets.

Michael Deutsch
Experience the modern Houdini, when one of the best performers in the world of magic takes the stage with illusions, mind control and skillfulness that results in mystique, excitements and drama en masse.

Die Maiers
The German comedy-pair put up a good fight trying to get through this almost absurd trapeze-act that combines acrobatics and comedy and which has surprised audiences through 25 years.

Duo Yingling
The duo, who has trained at the famous circus school in Shanghai and Harbin, exercises complete concentration and control of the body in an elegant and impressive performance that joins acrobatics and juggling.

Victor Kee
The Festival can this year present one of the best jugglers in the world, when Victor Kee throws acrobatics, dance and classical juggling into the air and uses hands, head and feet to keep it all together in a staggering performance. Victor Kee has among other performed in several of Cirque Du Soleil’ shows.

Jeffrey Ward Little
The sensual and acrobatic act with the Las Vegas artist takes place in both a full tub on stage and high in the air. It combines masculine strength and beauty in an impressive demonstration of the abilities of the human body.

Les Fréres Taquins
The performance by the Belgian comedians is delicate and poetic, and when you are not moved by the good storytelling you are busy laughing your heart out.

Restaurant Terrassen serves a three-course menu created specially for the occasion. Wine menu can be purchased additionally.

The popular and entertaining Syngepiger fra Bakkens Hvile also performs in Hermans during the Festival on Saturday 2. September.

Ticket sale has started at

Date/time: 25. Aug.-2. Sept. Dinner at 6.30 p.m. (doors at 6 .pm.), show at 9.00- approx. 11.00 p.m.
For guests who are only seeing the show, the doors open at 8.45 p.m.
Place: Hermans, Tivoli Friheden, Skovbrynet 5.
Price: 635-735 DKK. Ticket is incl. three-course menu.
Price: 305-355 DKK. Ticket is excl. three-course menu.
Ticket to the Night Cabaret, which includes entrance to Tivoli Friheden on the day, via or 70 20 20 96.
Arranged by: Aarhus Festuge
Thanks to: Tivoli Friheden og Montra Hotel Sabro Kro, who accommodates the artists of the Night Cabaret during the Festival