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Off-Beat City Walk Ends With Impressive Light Display

At ‘Urban Back Yard Tour’ Aarhus Festival’s off-beat tour of the city, many lesser known sights and alternative routes through Aarhus are explored. One such is the rotunda located in the parking structure at Salling in downtown Aarhus, which for the occasion will be illuminated by and impressive light display.

With its circular shape, raw concrete look, and stunning view of the sky above this unique aspect of the parking structure warrants a visit by its own merit, but during the Festival the light display adds extra incentive for visitors to swing by. Local designers, Kollision, have masterminded the display entitled ‘The Rabbit Hole’, which is inspired by C.S. Lewis’ iconic ‘Alice in Wonderland.’

Experience the impressive light display first hand every night until 8 p.m. until Saturday, September 3. Don’t forget to explore the city with 'Urban Back Yard Tour' beforehand.