The poster for Aarhus Festival 2017 is here!

Continuing the tradition of a new artist creating the poster each year Annu Kilpeläinen has designed the poster for the Festival. It includes her characteristic palette of summer colours and depicts two bridges reflecting in each other. Annu Kilpeläinen says:

- I wanted to create a motif that shows a meeting of nature and culture and this is how these two interlocking elements came about. Both elements have got each other’s reflections showing in the water below representing the new things that start to form from coming together and building bridges.

See the poster in full size here.

Besides Finland Annu Kilpeläinen has lived in Australia and currently in UK. Her works have also been displayed in USA. Her style is defined by warm, bright colours and joyful motifs such as flowers and summer bodies.

About working with the Aarhus Festival poster she says:

- I have visited Aarhus in the past and the Festival theme of bridging and creating connections sounded exciting so I was very happy to be asked. After researching the history of Aarhus Festival and the city itself I started to do some sketches that evolved into the finished poster. I wanted to convey the message of coming together and the way we all reflect on our experiences differently. Also, I wanted it to be bright and light to look at to make you happy.

The theme for Aarhus Festival 2017 and the two years following that is ‘Bridging. Festival Director Rikke Øxner explains:

- One of the Festival’s key tasks is to create new connections and by metaphorically building bridges we can set the stage for the bountiful meeting, new communities, a new urban life and new experiences. With focus on cohesion and unity we seek to create new significance for the Festival audience, the citizen and the city.

Former poster artists include Evren Tekinoktay (2016), Keith Shore (2015), Sean Mackaoui (2013) and Rob Jones (2012).

The poster will adorn the streets of Aarhus during the Festival from 25 August till 3 September and from the start of August it can be purchased at aarhusfestival.com.