The poster for Aarhus Festival 2019 is here!

Danish artist Rose Eken interprets the theme ‘Bridging’ for this year’s poster.

Ever since 1984 Aarhus Festival has had an artist creating a poster inspired by that year’s theme. In 2019, the Danish artist Rose Eken has created a poster to conclude the three-year theme ‘Bridging’.

Rose Eken is famous for working with clay, paintings and more and through her career she has been inspired by items associated with the punk and rock music scene. Cables among others, and this motif has also found its way to the Aarhus Festival poster:

- Cables are leads electricity, they form circuits and connects two different ends in a bridge, so it was an obvious choice for me to use the cable as a starting point. Cables also lead sound, light and life which are essential in Aarhus Festival, so in that way it becomes a symbol of all the movement that goes on underneath the many experiences and events, says Rose Eken.

See the poster in full-size here

- I find it interesting working with everyday objects that are so familiar to us. We all have that pile of curled cables under our desk. But in fact, they form a small network that enables us to do a whole bunch of things. That fascinates me.

Rose Eken’s work has been on display in Berlin, New York, San Francisco and several museums and galleries in Denmark.

‘Bridging’ has been the theme for Aarhus Festival in 2017-2019 and director Rikke Øxner looks back two successful years and forward to many more bridging events this year:

- With the theme ‘Bridging’ we create new connections. Between locale volunteers, internationally acclaimed institutions and everything in between. We explore how culture brings us together and closer to some of the subjects, that are important to talk about, and I look forward to inviting our guests to do just that, says Rikke Øxner.

Rose Eken becomes the third artist to interpret the theme ‘Bridging’ after Annu Kilpeläinen in 2017 and Martin Bigum in 2018.