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Art legend celebrated during The Festival

Aarhus Festival commemorates the original and avantgarde artist Tony Conrad who dies 9 April 2016. With three distinct events that in their own right highlights Tony Conrad’s playful and innovative approach to art.

Tony Conrad was especially known for his experimental work with different genres and media and for being one of the pioneers in minimalism and drone music. Through music, film and talks Aarhus Festival will spotlight Tony Conrad and his footprint on art and our society.

Secrets build bridges
The project focuses on the transition between the intimate and the public sphere and as a central element the citizens of Aarhus are invited to co-create. 

During the summer they can phone in a secret to an answering machine, and these secrets are later on transformed into an audio work that investigates the secrets’ sound and expression without using the words and content itself. Artists Marie Højlund and Morten Riis are using the intonation, feel and pauses to create the work.

‘Secrets build bridges’ will ring out from City Hall’s bell tower every day during Aarhus Festival, bringing the secrets out into the public and experimenting further with the boundaries between the intimate and the public.

Date/time: 31 August-9 September at 3.00, 4.00 and 5.00 p.m.
Venue: City Hall, bell tower
Arranged by: Aarhus Festival in collaboration with The Overheard

Documentary: ‘Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present’
Tony Conrad was renowned for in film and music and for bringing new media forms into his art. Including computer technology, and Tony Conrad spent a summer in Denmark in the 1960’s to study at Copenhagen University. 

‘Completely in the Present’ takes the audience through Tony Conrad’s life and career through private footage shot by the man himself and his colleagues. The structure of the film is highly inspired by Tony Conrad’s playful and radical approach to art and its creative process.

‘Completely in the Present’ is director Tyler Hubby’s debut and will be showing at some of the top galleries, museums and art festivals in the world this year. Including Aarhus Festival, where it will premiere for the first time in Denmark.

Date/time: 3 September at 7.00 p.m.
Venue: Øst for Paradis
Tickets: 80 DKK at
Arranged by: Aarhus Festival 

Finally, the life and influence of Tony Conrad will be at the core of a talk discussing art as a means of reflecting on life. This will take place 5 September. In Danish.