The city turns Upside Down

Leandro Erlich’s art installations lift us up out of our day-to-day reality and place us in a parallel world where the laws of physics have been temporarily suspended. Read more

Award winning japanese theater joins the Festival

A visually stunning as well as exciting journey through a japanese hot spring and human abysses. Read more

Japanese superstar performs at Aarhus Festival’s opening

The 3D-animated Japanese singer performs with an alternative and visual opera experience at the official opening of Aarhus Festival 2016. Read more

The International Night Cabaret: The Golden Age of Cabaret

Get ready to travel back to the 1930’s together with the International Night Cabaret and Aarhus Festival. This year’s cabaret is produced solely by Aarhus Festival. Read more

Scottish rock innovators visit Aarhus

Scottish Mogwai play the soundtrack to the movie ’Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise’. The movie, which is featured in the City Hall, depicts the development of nuclear power. Read more

New music in churches

For a while you will not hear hymns but metal and indie in four of the city's churches when Aarhus Festival presents new music in the traditional and beautiful churches. Read more

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