How do the artists feel about Aarhus Festival?

During Aarhus Festival 2014 we were so lucky as to have a string of talented international artists come visit the festival. See here how they felt about the festival. Read more

The highlight programme is here

A small practical programme with the Festival highlights Read more

Get inspired by our new website

This year, Aarhus Festival has had a new website designed that makes it easy to find the events that are just right for you. Read more

Take a look at the seven festival posters

What happens if you give seven international artists the same instructions to designing a festival poster: Create a poster showing a character that illustrates Aarhus Festival or this year’s theme ‘Same but different’? Read more

This year’s theme: Same but different

Recognition and renewal characterise Aarhus Festival, and as such this year's theme captures the essence of the Festival. Read more