The poster for Aarhus Festival 2017 is here!

Finish artist Annu Kilpeläinen links nature and culture in the poster for Aarhus Festival 2017 with an interpretation of this year’s theme ’Bridging’. Read more

"Who are we really?" asks performance at Aarhus Festival

In collaboration with European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017 Aarhus Festival presents Australian dance performance and play ‘Complexity of Belonging’. Tickets have just gone on sale. Read more

Aarhus Festival 2017: Together we will build bridges

Aarhus Festival’s theme for 2017 is ’Bridging’. Throughout 10 days the city of Aarhus will build bridges across art forms, sectors, city districts, age, knowledge, interests and experiences. Read more

Ticket Sales Expanded for Popular Sold Out Events

The Japanese play 'Avidya - The Dark Inn' as well the alternative tour of Aarhus city, ‘Guided Urban Back Yard Tour’, have proven tremendously popular, and both events have sold out quickly. In recognition of this fact capacity has been expanded and more tickets are now on sale for both events. Read more

Lots of Free Events at Aarhus Festival

No money, no problem! There are plenty of fun and free experiences to be had at this year’s Aarhus Festival. In fact most of the events offer free admission! Read more

The Rhythmic Music Conservatory Brings Mali to Aarhus

Students from the Rhytmic Music Conservatory in Aarhus have visited the West Africa country of Mali, and now visitors at Aarhus Festival have the opportunity to experience first hand the result of their musical voyage. Read more

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